Example of Leah's gift card and tequila gift bag
Example of Leah's Popcorn gifts

Leah Soucie, a Signing Agent Marketing member since December, 2019 is our inaugural SAM Spotlight Member for the first quarter of 2021. Leah’s enthusiasm and her embrace of SAM’s Exclusive 5 Point Marketing System made her an easy choice!


Leah was at her previous corporate job for 16 years before the company was sold and she realized her position would be eliminated.  She was at a point in her life where she wanted more work/life balance and looked into a few different business ventures before deciding to apply for the California State Notary Public Commission.  In 2018, soon after she received her commission, her mother was diagnosed with liver cancer and Leah decided she would care for her mother and put her Notary Public work on the back burner.  Sadly, after a year- long battle, her mother passed away and it was time for Leah to get back to the reality of making a living.


Living in Southern California provides Leah with a ton of work, but she realized that just having work available wasn’t enough. In our interview, she reflected on making classic rookie mistakes like “having my customers use black pens, and handing out flyers to title offices advertising my business.” 


While she did a little work here and there, she quickly realized she needed some training and started to identify online loan signing education courses.  She discovered Signing Agent Marketing through a Tuesday Notary Titan’s (TNT) call I did with Bill Soroka, Laura Biewer and Carol Ray discussing the 5 Point Marketing System.  Leah joined SAM immediately after that TNT call.


When interviewing Leah for the SAM Quarterly Member Spotlight, I asked her what specific benefits SAM has had on her business and her response was the incredible, “SAM’s biggest benefit to me has been $3,000 to $6,000 a month in income!”  Now that is music to my ears!


Leah also said SAM’s 5 Point Marketing System helped her overcome her fear of walking into a title office and “imposing on them” by giving her an introduction that she now uses 100% of the time.  She simply brings in Pop-In gifts and says, “I brought you gifts!” Who says no to a gift?


SAM’s idea of collecting all the business cards available at the reception desk when you drop off the Pop-In  gifts has really helped Leah create a smoother follow up with each office and given her the ability to stay in touch via email.  Leah understands that to be top of mind, you have to have a continual presence with your title companies.  Even when we can’t be there in person, we can still send follow up emails and continue to build our relationships that way.


The third benefit SAM has given Leah is using the Dollar Store.  “When you’re starting out, you don’t have a huge marketing budget, so the idea of going to the Dollar Store to create small gifts was a huge benefit for me, especially after taking a year off to care for my mother.  I wasn’t in the financial position to invest a lot of money into these gifts.”  I asked Leah if she used the Pop-In gift method, the holiday calendar gift method or both, and she said she uses both.  By shopping at The Dollar Store, she’s able to create inexpensive but impressive Pop-Ins to carry with her, but also enjoys the weird holidays SAM provides on the calendar to curate fun themed gifts.  Said Leah, “One example was on National Drive-In Day, which also happened to be National Tequila Day.  I created little bags of In & Out gift cards, along with an airplane size bottle of tequila!” Ole!  Who wouldn’t love that gift?  


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, she’s now also doing Thank You Gifts when she receives signings, which confirms to her regular title offices that she’s not just there to market her business but truly cares about building a relationship with them and goes above and beyond to make them feel appreciated.  


Leah, you are a true reflection of the success  SAM’s 5 Point Marketing System can have on your business if you simply work the plan.

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