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What words can I use to describe SAM’s Q2 Spotlight member, John Holder?

Never met a stranger? Check! Salt of the earth? Check! Willing to help wherever and whenever he can? Check!

I am proud to introduce you to  SAM's Q2 Spotlight Member John Holder, a real estate attorney by trade and founder of and*

He is definitely a guy you want in your corner. John is an original member of SAM and has really taken his mobile notary business to the next level. Not satisfied with being a traditional mobile notary in the great state of Kentucky (Go Big Blue and Go Cards - for John lol!]), John made a decision to start a network of Notaries Public to give the entire state access to mobile notaries. Setting up teams in different quadrants of the state, John has grown the Kentucky Notary Network to give even the most rural customer the opportunity to hire a skilled Notary Public.


John also saw an opportunity with remote online notarizations (RON) and realized he needed to get out ahead of it. He dove right in learning all he could about how RON works and created RON University to train Notaries Public how to become familiar with and utilize RON via a 4-step program. I highly encourage you to look into* if you are interested in learning about remote online notarizations. It’s the only RON training recommended by SAM.


So, how does an attorney become involved in being a mobile notary? In his

former life practicing law, John found himself at a crossroads a few years ago. Feeling depressed with his professional career and no longer satisfied by his law practice, John made the decision to take a step back from law to try and figure out where his passion lies. At first, being a mobile notary was a way for John to make some extra grocery money while deciding on a new career path, but what he discovered was he really enjoyed the work and it was an easy way to stay connected to the real estate industry.


Speaking about his business John said, “once I put some

effort into marketing and doing what you and Bill Soroka told me to do, it just took off!” He’s currently grossing $8-$9k per month due to this amazing  refinance boom and he’s poised to hit 5 figures this month! Way to go, John!

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